University studies at a standstill due to the strike of non academic staff

University studies at a standstill due to the strike of non academic staff

The day to day studies of the Peradeniya University came to a standstill yesterday 13th due to the token strike started by the non academic staff of the university.

The non academic staff started a token strike demanding many rights including the increase of the wages of the non academic staff, obtaining a medical insurance, to include the Rs. 2500 increased by the budget to the basic salary, increasing the service tenure from 57 to 60 and many other demands.

Due to this studies were disrupted and many lecture halls and buildings were closed. The main library, faculties and other libraries, laboratories and security rooms were closed. The non academic staffs have made arrangements to visit Colombo to join the protest.
The rest of the academic staff stood near the strike tree at the university premises and later a discussion was held with the participation of the university trade union members and other unions of the university.

The co secretary of the Peradeniya university trade union T.A.D. Suranjeewa said the government should intervene to the problems of the entire academic staff similar to the solution given to the employees of the university.

He said the workers strike was very successful within the university and only work conducted was feeding the animals in the farm and volunteer security service.

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